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house Explora
Articles, essays, videos, and primary source documents, simple & effective searching, easy-to-browse categories arranged by popular subjects, topic overviews, and more.
house Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
This encyclopedia provides over 25,000 encyclopedic articles covering many subjects.
house Kids Search
For students in grades K-8, this database has information from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and images.
house Searchasaurus
For young students, this database has information from dictionaries and encyclopedias, plus images.
house Student Research Center
For students in grades 6-12, this database provides information on a variety of subjects, from a wide range of reference materials.


house CIA – The World Factbook
Click on the "drop-down" list of countries to learn more about any country that interests you.
library World Geography and Culture Online
Has more than 500 clear, printable, full-color maps with additional information.


house MAS Ultra
Full-text articles from magazines, pamphlets, and reference books.
house Masterfile
Full-text articles from magazines plus biographies.
house Middle Search Plus
For middle school students, contains full-text articles, biographies, primary source documents, and images, including maps and flags.
library New York Times Historical (1851-2011)
Contains articles from the New York Times newspaper. Helpful for locating obituaries and biographical information on well-known people.
house Newspaper Source Plus
Contains articles from national, international and regional newspapers.
house Primary Search
A good source for elementary school students, provides articles from nearly 70 popular magazines.

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