Children's Programs Presented by the Essex County Environmental Center

Workshop space limited to 20. Registration is recommended.

• An Underground Garden
Most of us have seen backyard or community gardens with fruits and vegetables growing in plain sight, but do you know the vegetables that grow down instead of up? Have fun learning about the vegetables that grow underground in the dark!

Tuesday, July 9
Weequahic Branch
355 Osborne Terrace
(973) 733-7751

• Soil Science
Often referred to as the skin of the Earth, healthy soil gives us clean air and water, life-sustaining crops and forests, grazing land for animals, a home for countless creatures, and beautiful landscapes. Could we live without it, what is it made of, and how can we keep it healthy?

Tuesday, July 9
Vailsburg Branch
75 Alexander Street
(973) 733-7755

• Wiggly Worms
What feels cold and moist, is often referred to as 'nature's recycler,' and can dig over 6 feet down into the ground? Earth worms! They're all around us, kids love them, and we're often told they'll grow back to full length if they are cut in two. Is this true or just a myth?

Wednesday, July 24
Branch Brook Branch
235 Clifton Avenue
(973) 733-7760
Wednesday, July 31
North End Branch
722 Summer Avenue
(973) 733-7766
Wednesday, August 7
Main Library, Children's Room
5 Washington Street
(973) 733-7797
Tuesday, August 13
Van Buren Branch
140 Van Buren Street
(973) 733-7750
Wednesday, August 21
Clinton Branch
739 Bergen Street
(973) 733-7754

• Who Lives In That Hole?
Go for a short walk and you'll surely come across a hole or two. Ever wonder who lives in there, or is it empty? Let’s learn about the animals that burrow and we'll figure out if there's a way to predict who lives in what hole.

Thursday, August 8
Springfield Branch
50 Hayes Streett
(973) 733-7736