Summer Reading – Rules for the Challenge

Rules for the Challenge

  1. The Summer Reading Challenge will run from June 23 to August 2, 2014.
  2. Children need to check out the books they read and report on according to their grade and/or reading level. Parents, caregivers and preschool teachers may read to preschool children. The children should then report (oral or written) to the librarian.
  3. Each child may report on a maximum of seven (7) books (any combination of hard cover and/or paperback) per day.
  4. Reports can either be oral or written, with a maximum of four (4) oral reports per day. The number of oral reports may vary based on the availability of staff and time. Written reports may be accepted in the form of picture, poem, one-page report, an art and craft, or artifact.
  5. Only titles reported on and accepted by the librarian (or designated staff) will be entered in the child's reading log.
  6. Every child who reads and reports on at least five (5) books will receive a Summer Reading Challenge certificate.
  7. There will be a scale of reading levels and incentives.
  8. A maximum of two hundred (200) books per child will be accepted.
  9. When a child reads and reports on an award-winning book, such as Caldecott, Newbery or Coretta Scott King, that book will count as two (2) titles in the child's reading log. Books that follow this year's theme, Fizz, Boom, Read!, will also count as two titles.