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Fernando Mariscal was born in Cusco, Perú. His first solo exhibition was held at the Aguayo Gallery in Perú in 1983. Since then, his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Perú and the New York Metro Area. He currently resides in Northern New Jersey.

Fernando Mariscal
Photo credit: Teresa Akersten / Montclair Patch


(Excerpt from a Conversation in the Studio with Critic/Curator Joyce Korotkin, 2013)

"I paint the echoes of my subconscious; some are places, some are forms that I welcome into this reality..."

An echo, like a memory or long buried thought, evokes and repeats; its essence is at once expressive yet structured through repetition. During a recent studio visit, Fernando Mariscal spoke of life and his work as being like an echo, "both moving and stoic;" of life itself experienced as such with days repeating to weeks, then weeks to months and years, each one building a new layer upon that which preceded it; compilations of the heart and mind interwoven within the dynamics of passing time.

Life's true meaning and our strongest motivations most often reside in the spaces we don't notice – those very spaces that Mariscal's work explores – and that the subconscious never misses, for nothing in life that we experience is ever truly lost or forgotten but, rather, evolves into the essence of our Selves. One can turn a literal corner and be transported to a whole other metaphoric space simply by the quality of light filtering through a tree, or a scent that seems to arise from some deep, distant memory. Thus, in an instant, we can be in two places at once; reverberating like Mariscal's echo between then and now.

Mariscal represents this psychic duality with hauntingly distant grounds populated by heavily textured layers of geometric planes and shapes in evocative colors that are infused with luminous light, inviting the viewer to meander through an invented space in quiet contemplation. Abstracted landscapes of the layered process of thought, wherein language is surmounted by the eloquence of the senses, Mariscal's work reveals his secrets "in slow motion."

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