2023 Latino Celebration - Newark Public Library

2023 Latino Celebration

NJHRIC presents 2023 Latino Celebration

Images Without Words are direct depictions of what is captured by the camera. It is the viewers who infuse images with their own unique experience. Latinos, despite coming from different geographies, share a bond from experiences such as migration, language, culture, religious practices, and living in the United States. Latino diaspora photographers have used the medium of photography to bring these unique experiences to life through images.

The exhibition, Imágenes Sin Palabras (Images Without Words), explores the different approaches to creating a visual language, from portraiture to reportage, to the incorporation of alternative printing techniques, archival photography, and the use of other media. The series of public programs will guide viewers through the imagery described by Latinos in poetry, music, dance, film, photography, and more.

Curated by Cesar Melgar

On view from September 16 through December 31, 2023

This year’s Latino Celebration also features the accompanying interactive exhibit, A Feeling Of Itself. LIVES IN TRANSLATION (LiT) in collaboration with the DESIGN CONSORTIUM (DC) present this exhibition that engages the audience through a set of multimedia audio-visual experiences that express the value of living in translation, based on cultural exchange and the concept of what in Spanish we call “arraigo,” which roughly translates to “a sense of belonging because of one’s roots.”

The current selection is a set dedicated to celebrating Latino heritage and language, represented by our Lives in Translation students, Alma Garcia and Jennifer Carpio, who have conducted interviews in Spanish and Tlapanec. For more information, please visit their webpage, A Feeling of Itself: A Lives In Translation Exhibition.

Latino Celebration Programs

The Newark Public Library
Centennial Hall
5 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

FREE PARKING at 20-53 Bridge St Garage, Newark, NJ

For more information call (973) 733-7772 or email njhric@npl.org.

Refreshments will be served.

9/16/2023: Exhibit Opening Reception

Exhibit Opening Reception
Saturday, September 16th, 2 PM

Join us for the launch of the 2023 Latino Celebration with keynote speaker, Elizabeth Ferrer, author of Latinx Photography in the United States.

Tour the exhibition, Imágenes Sin Palabras, curated by Cesar Melgar

Smile! for the Made@NPL green screen photo booth

9/30/2023: Imagery in Children's Literature

Imagery in Children’s Literature
Saturday, September 30th, 2 PM

Join us for a special reading of the new children’s book, Paloma’s Song for Puerto Rico: A Diary From 1898, a collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution.

Author, Adriana Erin Rivera will be interviewed by Emmy Award winner, William Q. Sánchez, regarding imagery in the book.

10/14/2023: Imagery of Dance & Music: Hearing News through Songs that Move Us

Imagery of Dance & Music: Hearing News through Songs that Move Us
Saturday, October 14th, 2 PM

Join us for this exclusive dance and music presentation by the Jersey City-based guardians and transmitters of bomba and plena, Segunda Quimbamba.

¡Llega a tiempo y reclama tu asiento!
El Salón Centenario se llenará rápidamente.

10/19/2023: Capturando imágenes con tu celular: tu tambien tienes ojos de artistas

Capturando imágenes con tu celular: tu tambien tienes ojos de artistas
jueves, 19 octubre, 2023, 6 PM

Aprenda a tomar las mejores fotografías con todo lo que la cámara de su celular ofrece.

El fotógrafo, Devyn Núñez, dirigirá este taller de fotografía de celulares en español.

10/25/2023: Imagery in Adult Literature: Las Madres by Esmeralda Santiago

Imagery in Adult Literature: Las Madres
Wednesday, October 25th, 6 PM

Award winning, best selling author, Esmeralda Santiago, will discuss her latest novel, Las Madres, a powerful novel of family, race, faith, sex, and disaster that moves between Puerto Rico and the Bronx, revealing the lives and loves of five women and the secret that binds them together.

Books will be available for purchase.

11/4/2023: Imagery in Film: Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo

Imagery in Film: Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo
Saturday, November 4th, 2 PM

Join us for a short film screening of Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo, directed by Daniel Novarro. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with host, Michelle Narvaez.

Únase a nosotros para la proyección del cortometraje, Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo, dirigido por Daniel Novarro. La proyección será seguida por una sesión de preguntas y respuestas con la presentadora, Michelle Narváez.

11/9/2023: Imagery in Poetics: Myth-Making though the Music of Poetry

Imagery in Poetics: Myth-Making though the Music of Poetry
Thursday, November 9th, 6 PM

Close out Latino Celebration with Dimitri Reyes’ poetry accompanied by the NJ based Puerto Rican folk band, Los Bravos del Sabor.

Bring your own words and speak on the music of poetry during the open-mic session.

Dimitri will host the evening’s open mic session and share some spoken word from his new book, Papi Pichón.

Book will be available for purchase.