Explanation of Cost Estimates

This chart provides the background for the estimated retail values used to calculate the value of the library to you. These values are estimates and averages.

Actual retail values can vary widely. The goal of this calculator was to enable our patrons to receive a general estimate of how much money they may be saving when they use their public library versus paying for retail services.

List of estimated or average values with explanations

Item or Service Est. Retail Cost Explanation
Books (mass market) $7.00 Estimated average cost
Books (trade) $32.00 Estimated average cost
Books (hardcover) $27.00 Estimated average cost
Children's books (hardcover) $20.00 Estimated average cost
Magazines $3.50 Average cost for single issue at retail
Movies (DVDs) $5.00 Cost to rent at local video store
Music (CDs) $10.00 Average cost from cdnow.com popular items
Audio books $20.00 Average cost of popular audio books on CD and downloadable audio books
Interlibrary loan $30.00 Estimated average cost for acquisition and delivery
Adult programs and classes $10.00 Estimated average cost of general entertainment program
Children's programs $6.00 Estimated average cost of children's entertainment
Homework help $32.00 Current cost for licensed teacher - outside of contract
Computer use $18.00 Current cost at local copy shop for computer use
New Jersey newspaper articles online (per article) $2.95 Star-Ledger cost per archived article
Database searching $20.00 Estimated monthly cost for personal subscription
Reference questions $15.00 Estimated charge by private information broker based on rate of $50 per hour

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