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Regulations Governing Public Use of Computers and the Internet at The Newark Public Library

  1. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In some areas users may be required to sign in at the start of each session. Your signing in signifies your agreement to conform to these regulations.
  2. Computers located in the children's area of the Library are reserved solely for the use of children and their accompanying parents/caregivers.
  3. Computers in the Victoria Technology Center (VTC) are for users age 14 and older.
  4. Session limits vary by location. Users must adhere to the posted time limits.
  5. Use is limited to two persons at a time per station. If two users are sharing use, their session limit shall remain the posted time limit.
  6. Users shall not add, delete, or modify hardware or software.
  7. Users shall be liable for damage they cause to hardware or software.
  8. Users shall not save to the hard disk or network server. Users should print out their work (15 cents per page for black & white; 45 cents for color) or save to a flash drive (available for purchase in the Victoria Technology Center (VTC) for $7.50).
  9. Limited downloading is only permitted at designated stations.
  10. While staff is available to assist users with the equipment and available applications, individual training cannot be provided. Users requiring additional assistance should consult available tutorials and attend the Library's free computer classes.
  11. Users shall respect the privacy of others and refrain from offering advice to, commenting on or interfering with other users.
  12. The Library reserves the right to:
      a. terminate the session
      b. evict the users
      c. suspend or terminate the Library privileges of any one whose computer use disrupts Library service or violates Library policies or these regulations.
  13. Users shall not engage in any illegal activity on the Internet. Violators of local, state or federal law may be prosecuted.

rev. April 7, 1999, 2008


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