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Alphabetical Listing of Departments/Services

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Departments/Services by Floor

First Floor

Check out & return
Children's Room
Information Desk
James Brown African-American Room
Library card sign-up
Library catalogs
New Books (Lobby)
Sala Hispanoamericana
Stacks (entrance to Stack 1)
World Languages books

Second Floor

Board of Trustees Room
Centennial Hall
Copy machines
Fax machine
Interlibrary Loan
Magazines & Newspapers
Stacks (entrance to Stack 3)
U.S. gov't documents (Reference)
U.S. patents & trademarks (Reference)

Third Floor

ASL books (American Sign Language)
Bill changer
Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center (NJ Reference)
Director's Office
ESL/ESOL books
Graphic novels
Large print books
Newark Literacy Campaign
Oversize books
Special Services Room
Stacks (entrance to Stack 6)
Technology Training Center (computer classes)
Victoria Technology Center (public computers)
Young Adult books


Fourth Floor

Administrative offices
Conference Room
Human Resources


Floor Maps

About the Stacks

The Stacks are six floors of adult nonfiction, located at the back end of the Main Library. See a graphic diagram of the Stacks.

Call Number
000 - 327.73Un34 Stack 1
(equivalent to First Floor)
327.73Un35 - 530.1 Stack 2
530.1 - 736R Stack 3
(equivalent to Second Floor)
736S - 813St3 Stack 4
813St3 - 940.531 Stack 5
940.531 - 999 Stack 6
(equivalent to Third Floor)

The adult fiction (except new fiction) and the paperbacks are located on the Second Floor, opposite the Reference Desk. The genre fiction (Horror, Mysteries, and Science Fiction) and the Short Story anthologies are in the Periodicals Room in the back of the Second Floor. Please ask at the Reference Desk if you need assistance in locating these collections.


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