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Inventory of New Jersey Newspapers on Microfilm 

For reference questions, research services, and to order copies, call the New Jersey Information Center at (973) 733-7775 or email

Click here for a printable version of this list.

Name of paper Period on microfilm Town/City  associated with newspaper Other Information
Amsterdam News (NJ) 1971 New York Also known as New Jersey 
Amsterdam News.
Atlantic City Press 1983-1986 Atlantic City
Caldwell Progress 1911-1941 Caldwell
Centinel of Freedom 1796-1820 Newark Also known as Sentinel of Freedom.
Central Post 1959-1975 Kendall Park
Daily True American  1880-1913 Trenton
Evening Star & Newark Advertiser 1907-1908 Newark
Franklin News Record 1975 Middlebush/Somerset
Herald News Tercentenary 1/1/1964-1/4/1964 Passaic
Hillsborough Beacon 1975 Hillsborough Twp./Princeton
Irvingtonian 1872 Irvington
Irvington Record 1894-1895 Irvington
Irvington News 1898-1903 Irvington
Irvington News & Essex Record 1903 Irvington
Irvington News & Vailsburg Enterprise 1903 Irvington
Irvington News 1904-1906 Irvington
Irvington News & Newark Liberal 1906-1907 Irvington
Irvington Progress & Hilton Publisher 1912 Irvington
Irvington Times 1943-1945 Irvington
Italian Tribune 1934-1988 Newark

hard copy available from 1990 
to present

Jersey Journal  1957-2007; 2009-2011 Jersey City
Jewish Chronicle 1921-1943 Newark
Jewish News  1946-1982 Newark Continues as Metro West 
Jewish News
Jewish Post 1934-1941 Paterson
La Tribuna de North Jersey 1979-1987
Lawrence Ledger 1975 Lawrence Ledger
Luso Americano 1971-1988 Newark

hard copy available from 1990

Manville News 1975 Manville
Metro West Jewish News  Newark hard copy available for 1993; 
part of 1994; and 1995-present
New Brunswick Political Intelligencer 1783-1786 New Brunswick
New Jersey Afro-American  1941-1988 Newark  
  New Jersey 
Amsterdam News
1971 New York Also known as Amsterdam News (NJ).
New Jersey C.I.O. News 1943-1944 & 1946-1960 Newark/Paterson
New Jersey Gazette 1777-1786 Trenton
New Jersey Journal 1779-1783 Elizabeth
N.J. Labor Herald 1946-1969 Newark
N.J. Law Journal 1878-1992 (April) Newark

hard copy available from May 

Newark Daily Advertiser 1832-1907 Newark
Newark Daily Journal 1871-1872 & 1886-1895 Newark
Newark Daily Mercury 1849-1863 (end of 1861 and all of 1862 are missing Newark
Newark Evening Courier  1866-1875 Newark
Newark Evening Star & Newark Advertiser 1909-1916 Newark
Newark News 1883-1972 Newark
Newark Herald/N.J. Herald 1938-1946 Newark
Newark Morning Register 1869-1886 (part of 1874 & 1875 are missing) Newark
Newark Star & Newark Advertiser 1909 Newark
Newark Star Eagle 1916-1939 Newark
Newark Star-Ledger 1939-1964 Newark Continued as Star-Ledger.
Newark Sunday Call 1872-1946 Newark
Newark Times 1891-1895 Newark
Novos Rumos  1973-1980
Nuevo Coqui, El 1981-1988
Paterson People 1894-1895 Paterson
People's Paper 1871 Newark
The Record 1962-January 10, 2010 Hackensack
Rivington's Gazette 1773-1783
Sentinel of Freedom 1796-1820 Newark Also known as Centinel of Freedom.
South Somerset News 1967-1974 Manville/Princeton
Star & Advertiser 1908-1909 Newark
Star-Ledger 1964-present Newark

Continuation of  Newark Star-Ledger.

Sunday Standard 1888-1896 Newark
Trenton True American 1908-1913 Trenton
Unity & Struggle 1974-1978
Vailsburg Leader 1959-1991 Irvington
Washington Whig 1815-1820 Bridgeton
Windsor Heights Herald 1975 Hightstown


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