Children's Programs Presented by the Essex County Environmental Center

• A Walk in the Woods
Watching a chipmunk, listening to a bird, or resting under a tree can rejuvenate our spirit, clear our mind, and energize and relax our body. How can we stay close to nature even when we are indoors? We can remind ourselves by carrying a rock in our pocket or a hanging a mobile in our homes made out of fallen twigs. Let’s see how we can be close to the forest even when we are indoors. Presented by Essex County Environmental Center.

Wednesday, June 22
Van Buren Branch
140 Van Buren Street
Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 733-3897

• Yoga & Relaxation
Yoga provides us with the tools to be fit physically, emotionally, and mentally. It helps develop a strong and flexible body, helps immunity, calms and clears the mind, expands imagination and creativity, and builds confidence and self-esteem! We'll learn a few common animal poses and make up some new ones as we go. Presented by Essex County Environmental Center.

Wednesday, July 13
North End Branch
722 Summer Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104
(973) 733-7766

• Grow A Garden
Gardening helps our brains, our bellies, and our moods! Come learn how. Gardening can happen in a small pot or on a piece of land. Every child can see and experience the magic of life as a seed grows into a plant. We'll learn some gardening tips and tools as we become gardeners. Presented by Essex County Environmental Center.

Wednesday, August 3
Vailsburg Branch
75 Alexander St.
Newark, NJ 07106 (973) 733-7755