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Fact Sheet--
The Newark Public Library Lobby Renovation


Wood Windows

Removal and restoration of all 108 windows on the North, South, East and West side of the building. Each was stripped to bare wood and repaired for re-installation and the original single- paned glazing was removed and replaced with new energy efficient double glazed panels. All internal and external operating mechanisms were refurbished or replaced and new window treatments were installed.

Exterior Skylight

The original exterior skylight that soars over the main atrium was repaired by replacing all nine cracked or damaged slope glazing panels to extend its life for several years. Internally, the weep and drainage channels were cleaned with new glazing seals installed. Repairs were made to the copper flashing at the ridge and gable ends, while ensuring all remaining materials were sound and secure.

Decorative Atrium Laylight

The operating mechanism responsible for opening and closing the ventilation sashes was lubricated; all cracked stained glass sections were replaced; and loose or missing pieces were replaced or secured. Additional wire ties were added to the metal support frame for the stained glass, which also was cleaned.


Entry Vestibule

Substantial modifications were undertaken at the Washington Street entrance where new wood entry doors have replaced the original wooden ones. All internal and external hardware was refurbished or replaced and opening assistance mechanisms were added to the doors at the front and atrium entrances. The old narrow entry to atrium has been replaced by a more welcoming better lighted space that restores the vestibule to its original footprint and volume, Two new large illuminated glass and wood display cases were onstructed in both niches. Interior comfort is maintained with two new high volume, high efficiency unit ventilator heaters concealed by decorative covers. New matching marble infill was installed in both old doorways that now back up the decorative heaters.

Two new sets of wood doors and sidelights were installed for staff access to the reconfigured ground floor atriumís information and security desks. To complete the entry vestibule transformation, the existing ceramic tile ceiling was carefully cleaned as were all marble walls and floors.

Main Atrium

The main atrium space has been delicately transformed into a modern public interaction zone ready to meet the technological challenges of the new millennium. Inserted along the north wall of the atrium a custom two person, 45-foot circulation desk is complemented by two 8-foot sections of full wall cabinets and display shelving. The circulation area has been wired with all modern modes of information technologies crucial for daily library operations. Opposite the circulation desk on the south wall, three 8-foot sections of floor to ceiling wall cabinets and display shelving have been installed. To further delineate this "new releases or special displays area," two dual-display waist-high cabinets are placed at the east and west ends of the wall units. Flanking the atrium entry doors are new information and library security desks. These too are automated and fully wired into the library information technology systems. All told, 128 linear feet of cherry stained custom millwork adorned with fluted columns and crown molding have been incorporated into the library atrium.

Audio/Video RoomThe northeast corner of the first floor adjacent to the atrium has been reconfigured into 1195 square feet of new audio/visual rentals for the public. A new lay-in 2x2 ceiling and light fixtures were suspended from the existing structure culminating in a delicate perimeter light cove that white washes the historic plaster perimeter walls. New carpet and base along with custom display shelving complete the space. Adjoining this space on the north a new wood door and sidelight open into a semi-private staff office with several new computer terminals, new work surfaces and a new unit ventilator heater. To facilitate future indoor air conditioning, all associated ductwork and registers have been installed.

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