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Press Release 2/17/99


The public is invited to come out and get connected at a community celebration taking place on February 24, 1999, at 10:30am at The Newark Public Library, 5 Washington Street. This event recognizes The Newark Public Library as a North Jersey site among fifteen Hub libraries/consortia providing enhanced services to its patrons and Internet access and technological support to its nearby libraries. In 1996 the Libraries 2000 Plan was begun. Among its goals are:
linking libraries electronically,
equipping libraries technologically, and
providing Internet and worldwide access to all libraries in the state of New Jersey.

As part of the Libraries 2000 Plan, The Newark Public Library will provide Internet access to local public libraries at no cost to them and save them approximately $1 million each year.

Now anyone will be able to click a button to access Civil Service and job related information, newspapers, journals, encyclopedic items and more.

Dr. Alex Boyd, Library Director, said, "This is yet another example of The Newark Public Library's effort to satisfy the technological needs of the community."

New Jersey State Librarian, Jack Livingstone, explained what a Hub does: "The Hub will save local libraries money because it will pay for the Internet Service Provider and pay line charges from the Hub to the Internet." He added: "It will also provide technical support to local libraries including the local connection to the Hub."

Because of the efforts of the New Jersey State Library and the library community in partnership with Bell Atlantic, these goals, outlined in the Libraries 2000 Plan, are being realized.

Bell Atlantic committed $3.5 million for networking equipment to public libraries in New Jersey. A $5 million state bond issue supported by Governor Whitman was approved. Federal funds through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and state grants were used to support this project. The "Hub Concept" of the Libraries 2000 Plan has become a reality.

Because of the partnership among Bell Atlantic, the library community and the New Jersey State Library, a Thomas Edison State College affiliate, libraries will be connected statewide and services to patrons enhanced. Since it began its affiliation with Thomas Edison State College, the State Library has been able to concentrate more freely on its outreach to libraries and patrons. Recently the State Library's newest service, CyberDesk, was touted in a review of state Web pages by Web-Guide Monthly, where the New Jersey State Web page was rated second among the 50 state pages for content, navigability and links.

For more information about the Hub site at The Newark Public Library, call Luis Hernandez at (973) 733-7796.


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