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Corky to appear at kickoff rally for Library's "Prudential Foundation Summer Reading Challenge"
Press Release May 24, 2001

The Newark Public Library's annual "Summer Reading Challenge" will kickoff at 10:00am on Friday, June 29, with a fun-filled rally in Washington Park. It will feature a special gift, refreshments, and entertainment. In addition, Corky, the library's Kids' Place website mascot, will stop by to "meet and greet" the children. This year's theme is Be A Summer Survivor...Read!

The Prudential Foundation again has provided the funding to sponsor this premier reading and literacy program for Newark's school children in grades pre-K through 8. The "challenge" encourages children to include the adventure of reading in their summer activities. It rewards their efforts with popular fun events and a step system of prizes. During the last several summers, a total of 10,000 Newark children have participated in the program and have read more than 80,000 books.

Children interested in signing up for the Prudential Foundation Summer Reading Challenge, which runs from June 25 to August 11, may do so in the Children's Room of the main library or any of the branch libraries. Each child will receive a Summer Survivor theme poster, bookmark, and reading log. All participants who read and report on at least five books will receive prizes and achievement certificates. Special prizes also will be awarded to the winners in each of the three divisions-pre-K through K, grades 1 through 3, and grades 4 through 8-who do the best job of coloring their Summer Survivor posters.

"In addition to the Prudential Foundation Summer Reading Challenge," notes Michele Cappetta, youth services coordinator, "the library's other Summer Fun programs include daily activities-such as movies, arts and crafts, games-in each of the library's Children's Rooms. Activities and times vary with each location."

For more information about the Prudential Foundation Summer Reading Challenge and all of the Summer Fun programs, visit the Kids' Place site on the library's home page ( Children should also check the Kids' Place website for an interactive "Survivor" poll. Patrons may also call any of the Children's Rooms for addition information:
Main Library, 5 Washington St. 733-7797
Branch Brook, 235 Clifton Ave. 733-6388
Clinton 739 Bergen St., 733-7754
First Avenue 282 First Ave. 733-8091
Madison, 790 Clinton Ave. 733-8090
North End, 722 Summer Ave. 733-7766
Roseville, 99 Fifth St. 733-7770
Springfield, 50 Hayes St. 733-7736
Vailsburg, Boylan St. Recreation Center 733-7755
Van Buren, 140 Van Buren St. 733-7750
Weequahic, 355 Osborne Terrace 733-7751

Following are the rules for the "challenge."
1. The Summer Reading Challenge will run from June 25-August, 11, 2001.
2. There are three (3) levels of participation: grades PreK-K; 1-3; 4-8. High school (Grades 9-12) participants are welcome.
3. Children need to check out the books they read and report on according to their grade and/or reading level. Parents, caregivers and preschool teachers may read to preschool children. The children should then report (oral or written) to the librarian.
4. Each child may report on a maximum of six (6) books (any combination of hard cover and/or paperback) per day.
5. Reports can either be oral or written with a maximum of three (3) oral and three (3) written. The number of oral reports may vary based on the availability of staff and time. Written reports may be accepted in the form of picture, poem, one page report, an art and craft, or artifact.
6. Only titles reported on and accepted by the librarian or designated staff will be entered in the child's reading log.
7. Every child who reads and reports on at least five (5) books will receive a Summer Reading Challenge certificate at the Awards Ceremony.
8. There will be a scale of reading levels and incentives.
9. A maximum of two hundred (200) books per child will be accepted.
10. When a child reads and reports on a book from the list of "bonus books" that book will count as two (2) titles in the child's reading log.
11. The "Survivor Challenge" requires the child to read and report on a total of 28 titles in seven (7) designated categories. The titles may be fiction or non-fiction and must relate to the subject area. These titles will count towards the child's total number of books read and not an additional number (200 is still the maximum not 228). The "Survivor Challenge" categories and requirements (number of books to read) are as follows: Mystery/Horror 1; Biography 2; The Arts 3 (music, theatre, dance, poetry, literature); Fantasies/Fairy tales 4; Award Winners 5 (Caldecott, Newbery, Coretta Scott King); Science 6 (weather, rocks, stars, planets, health, etc.); Animals 7; Total 28.
12. Children who complete The Survivor Challenge will be awarded a special Survivor Kit.


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