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Volume 10 Number 2, Summer 1999

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Victoria Technology Center Opens

The Director’s Journal

Madison Branch reopens

Main Library Children’s Room Reopens

Treasures of the Library

Library on the airwaves at new time

Another Round of “Round Tables”

What’s the Hub-Bub about?

Copy Cards Eliminate Fumbling for Change

Prudential comes through for children . . . again!

Branch Libraries continue Saturday programs for children

Opening Reception for Hispanic Heritage

“Restaurant Secrets” Cookbook on Sale

Annual Giving Campaign response

Gourmet Gala a tasteful success

Friends Book Sale a Success

Friends of The Newark Public Library

Copy Cards Eliminate Fumbling for Change

Copy card vending machines dispense new cards and “add-on” copying credit to existing cards.
The Main Library has installed “copy card” machines to alleviate the need to wait in line for change or fumble with a handful of coins when making photocopies. In addition to photocopy machines, the copy cards may be used on computer printers that have the debit card readers.

For an initial $1 purchase, a patron receives a plastic copy card. Half of the dollar is a one-time charge for the card itself; the other 50 cents is credited to the card for making copies and prints (15 cents each copy). A patron may, at any time, add “copy credit” to these debit cards in $1, $5, $10, and $20 increments. No “change” is given when inserting any of these bills.

XCP debit card readers can be found at various photocopiers and printers.
The card may also be used with the color photocopy machine ($1 a copy) located in the Arts & Humanities Center on the second floor. Popular with students and business people, the color copier delivers crisp, brilliant copies of such items as maps, flags, graphs, and photographs.

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