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Volume 10 Number 2, Summer 1999

In This Issue:

Victoria Technology Center Opens

The Director’s Journal

Madison Branch reopens

Main Library Children’s Room Reopens

Treasures of the Library

Library on the airwaves at new time

Another Round of “Round Tables”

What’s the Hub-Bub about?

Copy Cards Eliminate Fumbling for Change

Prudential comes through for children . . . again!

Branch Libraries continue Saturday programs for children

Opening Reception for Hispanic Heritage

“Restaurant Secrets” Cookbook on Sale

Annual Giving Campaign response

Gourmet Gala a tasteful success

Friends Book Sale a Success

Friends of The Newark Public Library

Annual Giving Campaign Response

Generous benefactors continue responding to the Library’s Annual Giving Campaign, adding to the matching funds for our National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Challenge Grant. The NEH grant will provide a solid foundation of support for the Library’s humanities-based programs.

Benefactors from September 1, 1998, through April 30, 1999

Charlotte Adler
Deborah Bailey
Claud Beckham
John Beirne
Caroline Benn
J. D. Bode
Marion A. Bolden
Borok Newark Inc.
Ferdinand Brewer
Broad National Bank
James E. Bryan
Richard Burnon
Gerald T. Caprio
Frances Cetrulo
Myra L. Cooper
Monica K. Corbett
Rebecca Doggett
Evelyn Eskin
Avelino Fernandez
Bernita Foster
Ollie J. Gainey
Charles H. Gillen
Mark W. Gordon
GR Murray Insurance
Edith Gray
Richard Grossklaus
Warren Grover
Alan Hyde
Val Iacovantuno
J.P. Morgan Charitable Trust
Jockey Hollow
Betty W. Johnson
Yvette M. Kruvant
Edwin Landis
Erwin B. Lawson
Reynaldo Layedra
Richard W. Lewis
Alan Lowenstein
Zelda Lowenstein
Maria Marrison
Julio Matute
Fred E. Means
Paul Metzger
Nicholas Micchelli
Margaret Middleton
John H. Moore
Robert Moore
Annie R. Nelson
William B. Nicholson
Gloria E. Pace
Geraldine Patterson
Frank Petrucci
Esther Pugatch
Juanita L. Robinson
Save the Park at Riverbank
Daniel D. Schechter
Norman Schnayer
Dorothy R. Scott
Catherine Servas
Florence M. Smith
Dale Stellhorn
Catherine T. Taylor
Frederick Testa
Annette Thomas
United Way of Essex
and West Hudson
Olga J. Wagenheim
Katherine Ward
Odell Washington
Marcia S. Weissberg
Stanley Winters
Kathleen Witcher

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