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Volume 11 Number 1, Winter 2000

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Director's Journal

An urban library functions simultaneously to preserve its city’s heritage and to provide the resources that prepare its patrons for the future. Although the rapid pace of change often compels it to plan “on its feet,” The Newark Public Library is devoting time to systematic planning. We are now engaged in the development of a strategy for the years immediately ahead. We are seeking the most effective ways to serve not only the residents of Newark and those who work or attend school in the city, but also ways to strengthen the services of libraries throughout New Jersey.

To this end, we have conducted a user survey to guide our planning. We are grateful to the many who have responded to this patron questionnaire.

Library holds strategic planning sessions.

Libraries of the future will rely increasingly upon technology to meet the information needs of their users; but older urban libraries will maintain their special roles as cultural heritage-keepers. While countless numbers will turn to the Main Library and ten branches in search of computer technology and free access to the Internet, we shall also be a constant reminder of the intellectual stimulation and entertainment found in books.

The look of The Newark Public Library in the 21st century will be different, yet the same . . . both change and continuity will be evident. However we may change, we shall continue to serve the people of Newark, reflecting and celebrating their diversity in our collections, programs, and services.

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