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MCI adds support for Public Access Technology Center

In the last issue of The Second Century, we mentioned The Victoria Foundation's generosity in helping to create a new Public Access Technology Center, which will be housed across from the existing Public Technology Center on the third floor of the Main Library. The ink was barely dry on that issue when we received notice that MCI, the long-distance telephone service, will bestow a $30,000 LibraryLINK® technology grant to complete the funding needed for our new Center.

"This continues to put us ahead in computer technology," stated Dr. Alex Boyd, Library Director, "when compared with most urban library systems. We are in the vanguard not only because of the generosity of the State Library, the federal government, and numerous foundations and corporations, but especially," he emphasized, "because of the City of Newark. It is due to the continued support of the City that we are in this leadership position."

The new roomactually two rooms in oneis scheduled to open in the Fall. It will accommodate 24 computer workstations: 12 with access to the Internet, and 12 dedicated to word processing, spread sheets, desktop publishing, etc.

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