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Volume 9 Number 3, Fall 1998

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Hispanic Heritaqge Celebration

The Director's Journal

Trustee Officer's Elected; New Trustee Appointed

Treasures of the Library

Gourmet Gala a delicious success

New Jersey Theater Symposium and Exhibtion

Danielle Steele at Library Fund-Raiser

Newark Evening News preservation

Friends Trustee Remembered

Thank you volunteers

Library garners two public relations awards

The Director's Journal

In recent months, there have been two breeches in security at the Main Library. We are aggressively pursuing measures to ensure the safety of our patrons and our staff ... at the Main Library and all our Branch Libraries. Let me detail some of the measures we have taken.

  • Expedited the installation of security cameras throughout the Main Library.
  • Installed parabolic mirrors in the stack areas to heighten visibility.
  • Increased the number of security personnel and made them more visible.
  • Increased the presence of Newark City police officers—both uniformed and undercover.
  • Strictly enforced the “Policy Governing the Use of the Library.” (Any violations to this policy are reported immediately to the security force.)
  • Through further cooperation of Newark Police Officials, police response time has improved significantly.

We are confident that the measures we have taken will ensure the safety of all library patrons and staff.

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