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Volume 9 Number 3, Fall 1998

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Hispanic Heritaqge Celebration

The Director's Journal

Trustee Officer's Elected; New Trustee Appointed

Treasures of the Library

Gourmet Gala a delicious success

New Jersey Theater Symposium and Exhibtion

Danielle Steele at Library Fund-Raiser

Newark Evening News preservation

Friends Trustee Remembered

Thank you volunteers

Library garners two public relations awards

Newark Evening News preservation

For many years, the Newark Evening News was the newspaper of record in New Jersey. Since its demise, the Library has acquired the paper’s morgue, including ancillary materials (reporters’ notes, etc.), and has undertaken a major preservation project. During the past ten years, the Library has been working to microfilm this valuable collection. The project was initiated by a substantial grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and major consistent support over the years from the New Jersey Historical Commission (an agency located in the N.J. Department of State devoted to the promotion of the study and preservation of N.J. history), and more recently the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

The significance of the NEN collection is its stature as one of the most important twentieth-century historical resources in New Jersey. The project is housed on the third-floor of the Main Library in the New Jersey Information Center.

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