Book Launch–Industrial Palimpsest: The City of Newark, NJ - Newark Public Library

Book Launch–Industrial Palimpsest: The City of Newark, NJ

Please join us Wednesday, April 13 for the launch of the new book Industrial Palimpsest: The City of Newark, NJ by Nina Rappaport and Andrew Engelhardt.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
6:00 PM
Main Library

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This collaborative study was initiated in Nina Rappaport’s classes in the School of Public Architecture at Kean University. It documents the rich industrial heritage of Newark, New Jersey, and its “industrial palimpsest,” a compilation of the history of factories that are still extant as well as others that are in ruin or have been demolished. The research includes student proposals for design interventions that highlight Newark’s current industrial potential and ways to make industry visible through outdoor exhibitions, murals, and interactive displays.

Recognizing the labor and entrepreneurship of workers past and present, from the invention of M&M’s and push pins to a center of leather and jewelry production through expansion during the two World Wars, Newark’s significant past can inspire a new industrial paradigm.

Rappaport is an architectural critic, curator, and educator. She is publications director at Yale School of Architecture and editor of the biannual publication Constructs. Andrew Engelhardt is a recent graduate of the Michael Graves College and an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a Chicago-based designer with a background in art and film, and an interest in architectural design and critique.