Chat for genealogy program - Newark Public Library

Chat for genealogy program

00:11:23 Deb: Looking forward to this!
00:21:31 Beth Zak-Cohen: This is the best link:
00:23:35 Deborah Alfano: Where are property records for Newark before 1900?
00:23:37 Beth Zak-Cohen: or here (this is our new website and these should all be searchable, but some years may not have transferred yet)
00:28:06 Joan Betancourt: The Essex County Surrogates Office is also a good repository. The probate index, searchable on site, contains the descedant’s death dates and date of probate. The State Archives has the index up to the early 1930s (I think that is the limit).
00:29:27 Beth Zak-Cohen: That’s always the type of thing people remember!
00:32:04 Kelly: Do you have to be a member of the NPB to view this information?
00:32:34 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): For Newark Public Library? Anyone can come in, no appointment needed. Is that what you were referring to?
00:33:33 rdavis: What exactly is the catalogue?
00:33:37 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): And the handwritten indexes are not cataloged, but they basically have every article that was published in the Newark News.
00:33:40 rdavis: What information is in it?
00:35:25 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): the catalog would basically have titles and descriptions of archival collections and books, there are various catalogs for the library, more info here:
00:35:34 ritalavy: are there any records on the newark police and firemen
00:36:03 rdavis: Any suggestions for researching information on first wave of “Great Migration” to Newark for people of color coming from the south?
00:42:39 Linda: What resoures, techniques and strategies are useful for descendants of those moving from the south to the City of Newark thru the great migration? Also, is it necessary to use the term ” Riot” when using newspapers , periodicals and/or reports and etc., researching thru the period of Civil Disobedience, Civil Disturbances and or Rebellion in Newark.
00:46:58 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL):
00:47:43 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): here’s our list
00:49:48 Deb: There’s a fire dept museum too. And a specific section for them in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery.
00:50:17 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): all archives on Newark nationally
00:50:27 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): *internationally (they are still working)
00:51:54 Raymond Veth: Was Vailsburg a formal part of Newark at the turn of the last century? Did Vailsburg have its own City Directory? Any other hints for searching Vailsburg area from 1900 – 1910? Thanks.
00:54:16 Deb: I had a great-great uncle in Vailsburg in the late 1800s and he was in the Newark directory
00:55:03 Dale C.: Some city directories are also on U. S. City Directories… free to NPL cardholders…
00:55:22 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): here’s the list of directories at NPL:
00:55:58 Deb: Our family goes all the way from the founders through to my mother!
00:56:27 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): here’s some of the published records NPL has
01:01:30 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): the Jewish News and Jewish Chronicle are digitized so that’s one thing I do know exists for Newark Jewish population 🙂
01:04:35 Joan Betancourt: What is the name of the project Mary is speaking about? Thank you
01:05:09 Melissa Johnson: New Jersey Records Preservation Group (
01:06:46 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): A discussion about Genealogy research with Reggie Blanding from JBAAR and Professor and Newark Director Nware Burge. Burge will provide a link to his documentary DNA: Using Genealogy to Change My Last Name. Viewers will be able to temporarily access the film on Vimeo following the discussion. Zoom link:
01:07:32 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): This Is Not The First Time: the 1918 Flu Pandemic Join the Newark Public Library on Zoom for a talk about another worldwide pandemic, the 1918 influenza. Noted historians George Robb and Sandra Moss will talk with NPL’s Thomas Ankner on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00 pm. Moss, an MD and independent scholar, will discuss the effects of the 1918 flu across the globe. Robb, a Newark resident and history professor at William Paterson University, will provide local perspective on the 1918 flu, with detail about events in Newark. Flier Zoom URL:
01:07:50 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL): and for teens “I Am” Exploring Your Personal, Family and Community History and Culture Teen Room at Newark Public Library Join Noelle Lorraine Williams Librarian Associate and Teaching Artist for three brief presentations that use culture to explore who you, your family and your community histories. Wednesday, April 22 at 6PM – “I Am From” – Understanding who you are and your own history Wednesday, April 29 at 6PM -”Connecting Your Family Stories” – Sharing, Learning and Researching Your Family History Wednesday, May 6 at 6PM -”Oral History” Learning how to document and save histories and learning about other oral history archives. Facebook Live (All videos will be archived) Flier
01:08:48 Beth Zak-Cohen (NPL):
01:09:03 Deb: Thank you!
01:09:08 Joan Betancourt: Thank you all This was great