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GED Classes

For the latest updates on NPL GED Classes call 973-733-7779. You can also use Excel High School for self-paced classes online.


Other locations

Essex County College Adult & Community Education, 303 University Drive, 973-877-1894. This is one of three online only listings.

New Community Corporation, 233 W. Market St., 973-623-2800. In person. Age 16-24. If in a dual program to learn a trade can be over age 24.

New Community Corporation Adult Learning Center, 563 Orange St., 973-558-5536. In person. $100 money order or check, plus $20 cash.  Starting Monday, October 4.  Need social security number, photo ID, gmail account.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark GED Classes, 321 Central Ave., 973-268-3160. Not begun yet. Will notify us. To be in person and online.

La Casa De Don Pedro, 39 Broadway, 973-481-4713. In person for age 16-24. Classes for Latina women are online only.  Also a GED testing center.

All The Way Up Education Center, 407 Broad St., 862-234-5258. Began September 21, but registration still open as of Sep. 28. In person Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7 p.m. at Shani Baraka Women’s Resource Center, 300 Clinton St. Also online during same hours.

YouthBuild Newark (same as Lead Charter School), 571 Central Ave. 973-297-0592. In person. Register at

Newark Public Schools. Newark Evening Educational Center. Online only. Proof of seven vaccinations required. Classes began Sep. 27. Late registration may be possible. Description at  Registration at Students must be 18 years old or older with proof of residency within Newark and officially withdrawn from school.

Essex County Schools of Technology. Donald M. Payne School of Technology, 498-544 West Market St., 973-412-2273. Classes began on Septembe 20. Click on ESL/GED Registration Link. Page will say, “We are no longer taking students for the ESL/GED Program- WAITING LIST,” but Miss Lopez explained on Oct.1, 2021, that for the GED (not ESL) callbacks are made immediately because there are openings.

Check in future for possible resumption of classes: Ironbound Community Center, 432 Lafayette St., 973-465-0947; and Newark One-Stop Career Center, 990 Broad St., 973-648-3370.

GH  Oct 2, 2021