Inspire! Newark’s Underground Railroad, Pop-Up Exhibition - Newark Public Library

Inspire! Newark’s Underground Railroad, Pop-Up Exhibition

We are so excited to invite you to our free pop-up exhibition Inspire! Newark’s Underground Railroad.

Like Harriet Tubman, Newark’s Underground Railroad activists’ courageous fight against slavery—despite deep-rooted interests in the institution in the city—inspired decades long Black and multiracial civil rights activism.


Come see pictures of the people and places that made up Newark’s Black Liberation movement, explore an interactive map that shows the legacy of slavery on Newark streets, and feel 3-D replicas of shackles from an 18th century plantation in North Jersey. Learn more:


This pop-up exhibit is FREE and open to the public!

Where: Newark Public Library, 5 Washington Street, 2nd Floor, James Brown African American Room

Hours*: Monday, Friday and Saturday  9AM- 5:15PM

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9AM – 5:15PM

*Please note that library hours will change in the summer starting the week of June 26th

For more information please call the James Brown African American Room: (973) 733-5411

Download the graphic here

After visiting the pop-up exhibit at the Newark Public Library, walk across the street and visit Harriet Tubman Square (formerly Washington Park) and see the new monument, Shadow of a Face, dedicated to Harriet Tubman.

Learn more about the monument here.