Newark Photos and Videos - Newark Public Library

Newark Photos and Videos

The Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center has a photo collection which is not all cataloged. We do not have much video except published video (movies, documentaries etc.)

Digital Sources for More Newark Photos and Video

AP Video Archive: Contains video back to the 1940s. 900+ results for Newark, starting in 1958. TV News Archive:  Contains over 45000 results for “Newark” of TV News Program starting in 2009.

Getty Images: Hundreds of thousands of images owned by Getty. There is a fee for any use of these images.

Library of Congress: Over 3000 results when searching Newark in their digitized photos. Additional 1926 are filed under the location of Newark.

New Jersey Federal Writers Project Index: Contains 4000 images including 377 of Newark, of which 32 contain the subject heading “African Americans”. Also contains interesting photos of workers and labor, along with many other topics. The State Archives has several other digital collections including Agriculture Photos, parks, and the Morris Canal.

Newsreels from the UCLA Film & Television Archives Hearst Metrotone News Collection 23 results for Newark

Old Newark: Contains thousands of Newark Photos.

Vanderbilt TV News Archives: The online index contains over 900 results for Newark from as early as 1968, which can be loaned. University members may have access to digital files through their school.