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Primary Source Set: Immigrants in Newark

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Primary Source Set: Immigrants in Newark

This guide links to a small number of items from our collections to get you started on research. To see many more items view the digital collection. You can also e-mail us or view our website for more information on non-digitized collections. Content note: some of the primary sources quoted include offensive racist language.

From the start of our city immigrants played a large role. Immigration the city gained traction in the 19th century with Germans, Irish and Italians coming to the City in droves (Documents A, B and O), followed by with many other European ethnic groups (documents C through F) and large populations of Eastern European Jews (Documents F and I). By the 1920s Newark had a Chinatown (Documents G and J) and Spanish and Portuguese immigrants had begun to arrive, a trend that would increase through the next several decades (Documents H,  L, and R). Cubans and Puerto Ricans came to Newark starting in the 1950s and 1960s (Documents K, M, N and Q), with a large Hispanic community by the 1970s (Documents P and Q). Starting in the 1990s, more Latin Americans began coming to Newark, and there has also been a recent increase in African immigrants (Documents S an T)

A. Bicentennial of the First Landing of Germans in America, Newark N.J., 1883View Online | Download

B. “The Italian Quarters Defying the Board of Health” Newark News, July 21, 1884View Online

C. US Census Report of the Foreign Born Population of Newark, 1870-2019View Online | Download

D.”A map of Newark with areas where different nationalities predominate”, 1911View Online | Download

E. The Ironbound District, 1912View Online | Download

F. “Food and Housing Defects are the Subsoil from Which Third Ward Problems Draw Their Substance” Newark News, Feb 2, 1916View Online 

G. Newark Chinatown Classroom, 1922View Online Download

H. Pilar Fernando Lavin, family, Independence Park, c. 1940sView Online | Download

I. Our Life In Our Times (Jewish Community Council), 1948View Online | Download

J. Contribution of the Chinese Community to the United States and Newark NJ, 1961View Online | Download

K. School Nationalities, 1961-1966View Online | Download

L. Presentation Spanish Folk Clinton Place Junior High School, 1962View Online | Download

 M. Cuban Refugees, 1963

View Online | Download

N. The Puerto Ricans in Newark, New Jersey, 1963

View Online | Download

O. 40th Anniversary St. Patricks Day Parade, 1975

View Online | Download

P. Conditions in the Hispanic Community, 1976

View Online | Download

Q.  Puerto Rican Recognition Week, 1979

View Online | Download

R. 9th Annual Portugal Day, 1986

View Online | Download

S. Brazilian Mayors and Municipal Leaders, 2003

View Online | Download