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Newark High School Yearbooks

We have scanned all the yearbooks we could find for the public and county high schools.

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We have scanned some junior high and private high school books, but no elementary school yearbooks. There are very few junior high books available. If you don’t find the yearbook you’re looking for click here for more information.

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By School (Scroll Down after you Click):
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Public City High Schools County High Schools Junior High / Middle / Elementary Catholic/Private/Minor High Schools
Arts High School Bloomfield Tech Ann Fawcett School of Industrial Arts
Barringer High School Essex Vo Tech (Girls VoTech / North 13th) Abington Fine and Industrial Arts
Central High School Irvington Tech Broadway Miss Whitman’s
East Side High School Newark Tech Clinton Place Newark School of Physical Education
Science High School Newark Vocational First Ave Prospect Hill Country Day School
Shabazz High School (See South Side) Franklin St. Benedict’s
South Side High School (See Shabazz) Fifteenth Ave St. James
Technology High School Harold A.Wilson
University High School Hawkins
Vailsburg High School Luis Munoz Marin
Weequahic High School Louise A Spencer
West Side High School Maple-Lyons
Seventh Ave

Thank you to the Newark Public Schools Historical Preservation Committee, Newark Public Schools alumni, and the Newark Public Schools who partnered on scanning these yearbooks. This program is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts / Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts and administrated the Essex County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs.

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