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This collection of ten oral histories is focused on the theme of justice, as expressed through the life experiences from prominent Latinos who have focused their efforts in the state of New Jersey. The understanding of justice is one of the central tenets of this project, and in addition to the contributions of those intimately involved in what may be traditionally understood as the "justice system," such as lawyers, police officers and F.B.I. agents, these interviews also focus on the perception of justice from the perspective of an ex–offender, an immigrants' rights advocate, a social worker, a labor union director, an election superintendent and a television producer. The understanding of justice in the Latino community of New Jersey that emerges from these interviews is finely nuanced, reflecting such varying topics as the inequities in the justice system that are arguably the result of race, language, and class; the importance of positive perceptions of Latinos in mass media to facilitate access to justice; and the importance of active community involvement in the struggle for equal access to all rights and services guaranteed by this country's and state's legal and justice systems.
(Prepared by Elizabeth Parker, Associate Archivist. September 17, 2012)

(The NJHRIC at the Newark Public Library would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge, in addition to the credited participants of this project, the hard work of archival assistant Juber Ayala, and intern, Giselle Torres.)

Access to full verbatim interview transcripts and audio recordings are available by appointment only. Contact an NJHRIC archivist at njhric@npl.org, (973)733–4791, or via mail, NJHRIC at The Newark Public Library, 5 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102 with your request.



Israel Caraballo, Jr.

Israel Caraballo, Jr.
Deputy Chief,
Newark Police Department

Personal site of oral history

• Law Enforcement — Police Departments
• Newark, New Jersey
• Discrimination — Employment
• Education

Juan Caratagena, Esq. Juan Cartagena, Esq.
President and General Counsel,
LatinoJustice, PRLDEF

Personal site of oral history

• Criminal Justice System
• Civil Rights  
• Discrimination 
• Voting Rights — Voter Intimidation 
• Multilingual / Bilingual Issues 

Felipe Chavana, Esq. Felipe Chavana, Esq.
Executive Director,
Essex-Newark Legal Services

Personal site of oral history

• Law — Legal Assistance to the poor
• Education — Affirmative Action programs
• Community Involvement
• Racism

Luis Del Orbe Luis Del Orbe
Prisoner Advocate and Graduate Student at Rutgers University

Personal site of oral history

• Community Organizations — Prisoner Advocacy — Hispanic Americans for Progress, Inc. [HAP]  
• Education — Bilingual Education/Literacy
• New Jersey — Correctional Facilities 
• Social Work — Prisoner Re–entry  

Lizette Delgado-Polanco Lizette Delgado-Polanco
Executive Director,
Service Employees International Union,
New Jersey State Council

Personal site of oral history

• Unions — Labor Organizing
• Politics — Latino Involvement
• Workplace Discrimination
• Democratic National Convention, 2012
• Dominican Republic — Political Reforms

Laura Freytes Laura Freytes
Former Superintendent of Elections,
Passaic County, New Jersey

Personal site of oral history

• Voting Rights
• Puerto Rican Day Parade — Paterson, NJ
• Police Brutality
• Discrimination
• Latino Issues — Importance of national identification

Maria Juega María "Charo" Juega
Founder and first Chairperson,
Latin American Legal Defense and Educations Fund, Inc. (LALDEF)

Personal site of oral history

• Immigration / Immigrants — Undocumented Residents
• Multicultural Understanding
• Women's Issues
• Community Involvement

Maritza Raimundi Maritza Raimundi–Petroski
Director of Family Support Services,
Latino Outreach & Parenting Programs,
The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey

Personal site of oral history

• Puerto Rico — Socio–Economic and Political Status
• Cultural Competence
• Social Work — Family Services
• Immigration — Undocumented Immigrants
• Prisoner Advocacy

William Sanchez William Sánchez
Executive Producer of
Images/Imágenes & Hispanic Youth Showcase

New Jersey Network (NJN)

Personal site of oral history

• Puerto Rican Riots, 1974 — Newark, NJ
• Media —Positive portrayals of Latinos
• Neighborhood Displacement — Gentrification
• Community Involvement — Organizing
• Newark, NJ — Politics
• Fine Arts — Latino cultural events

David Velazquez David Velázquez
Assistant Special Agent in Charge,
Newark Division, F.B.I.

Personal site of oral history

• Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Discrimination — Employment
• Crime
• Diversity — Workplace

NJ Council for the Humanities

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